bread (sourdough): millet-flax

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Supplier: Little Stream Bakery
Origin: Local
Measure Unit: 750 gr

Simple Clean Ingredients:

  • Organic Fresh Ground Whole Wheat
  • Organic Cooked Millet
  • Organic Brown Flax Seeds
  • Ottawa Valley Sourdough Culture
  • Pure Deep Well Water
  • Unrefined Sea Salt

The Process:

Fresh Stone-Ground in our Mill

18-20 hour full sourdough fermentation process, with no added baker's yeast

Baked in our Masonry Wood Oven

Solar panels on south side of building provide power to grid to offset our use

Ingredients:  *Whole Wheat flour (fresh ground), Water, *Cooked Millet, Whole Wheat sourdough culture, *Flax Seeds, Sea salt. (may contain traces of *sunflower and *sesame seed) * Organic

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