Bread: prebiotic sandwich (frozen)

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Supplier: Inewa
Origin: Québec
Measure Unit: 630g


The only soft bread that is an excellent source of fiber

Fans of “soft” breads will often be offered breads that, although pleasant to the bite, are unfortunately low in fiber or made up of very unnatural ingredients. Although they are not assimilated by the body, fibers are essential to it; they regulate intestinal transit, contribute to the reduction of bad blood cholesterol, protect against colon cancer and promote satiety, thus helping to control appetite and weight.

If you are a fan of commercial soft breads, have children or teenagers who balk at the idea of ​​healthy eating, or suffer from age-related intestinal problems, our delicious prebiotic bread may well become your go-to choice for increasing fiber intake in your household. Try it, you'll want more!

Warning: if you are not used to consuming fiber, start by consuming one slice a day to allow time for the body to adapt. To be avoided in people intolerant to FODMAPs.


Khorasan wheat flour*, water, khorasan wheat sourdough* (stone-ground whole khorasan wheat flour*, water), inulin* (from Jerusalem artichoke powder*), sunflower oil*, sea salt, fresh yeast, ascorbic acid (vitamin c).

** May contain sesame seeds.


  • High source of fiber
  • Source of iron
  • No added sugar
  • Trans fat free
  • Weight: 700g

**Certified by Ecocert Canada

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