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Supplier: Les Viandes Rheintal
Origin: Québec
Measure Unit: 400 gr

Organic Pastured pork

What's more wonderful than to see piglets play, run and dig in the meadows and wrap themselves in straw. The Quebec organic growers wants to give the best care and raising conditions to their animals. All pigs grow alongside their mother. Each pregnant sow bundles itself under a heavy cover of straw and has access to pastures during the summer. After giving birth to her piglets, the sow can move freely while protecting them in a warm nest.

Pigs are raised with the utmost respect for their well-being. In summertime, they have access to a large pasture where they can eat clovers and other grasses. Once outside, they have enough space to exercise their innate behaviors. They have the freedom to run, play and roll around. In winter, the pigs have a large open space covered with straw, where they can rest with other pigs. Moreover, the barn are equipped with natural ventilation and windows which let natural light in.

Organic Pastured pork feeding

All the pigs eat only certified organic food that has been produced on the land and cultivated with the utmost concern for quality. Every day, a fresh ground meal is served which is composed of a mixture of oats, wheat, peas, corn and soybeans. Also, the pigs have access to the pastures in summer and dry hay in winter. Forages (pasture and hay) contain more omega-3s and change the taste of the meat considerably. This gives the meat a special flavour of the past!

Pastured pork welfare

The pigs receive no antibiotics or hormones over their lifetime. Also, their food is free of antibiotics. The only products used are natural, such as apple cider vinegar with garlic, marine algae, and diatomaceous earth as vermifuge.

For better well-being and better immunity, the piglets are weaned from their mothers after 35 days. No mutilation of teeth and tails is practiced.

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