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Supplier: Les Viandes Rheintal
Origin: Québec
Measure Unit: 400 gr

Organic Milk-Fed Calves

Rheintal milk-fed calves that are a hybrid of three species: the breeding females are a mix Hereford and Simmental and the breeding male is a pure Angus. This cross breed provides an excellent tender and tasty pink meat that does not shrink while being cooked. This genetic mix allows Rheintal to maximize the qualities of these three breeds and produce delicious meat for all tastes.

Organic raised calves are fed with their mothers’ milk and are kept outdoors in the summer if the weather permits. However, in industrial farming, the calves are fed with milk substitutes.

Organic Milk-Fed Calves feeding

Between feedings, the calf enjoys the great outdoors while living alongside its mother. It has the pleasure of grazing pasture grass during the summer or dry hay during the winter season.

Organic veal meat is darker than the milk-fed veal since the calf grazes on organic grass and absorbs more iron in its muscles, which has the effect of coloring its flesh.

Organic Milk-Fed Calves welfare

Rheintal calves receive no antibiotics or growth hormones. According to the company, prevention is better than cure. The natural products used are apple cider vinegar with garlic, seaweed and diatomaceous earth as an anthelmintic. In case of illness, the animals are treated with homeopathic medicines.

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