Olives, green pited

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Supplier: Savör
Origin: Grèce-Greece
Measure Unit: 250 ml

Organically grown in Greece, Savör black and Kalamata olives are delicious and with intense flavour due to the microclimate and the geography of where they are grown. They have a unique flavour profile that can be described as tart, intense and tangy. Savör green olives are delicious and crunchy. They have a unique taste - sweet and tangy. All our organic olives are a healthy option for snacking, additions to sauces and salads or cocktails. Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan!

  • Grown in Greece
  • Black & Kalamata olives are fibre & iron rich
  • Green olives are high in antioxidants and vitamin E, rich in copper
  • ​Vegan & GMO free
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