olive oil extra virgin, Intense

$11.99 /500 ml



Supplier: Lahmar
Origin: Tunisie-Tunisia
Measure Unit: 500 ml

Lahmar olive oil

Who we are

Family-owned for three generations, Lahmar Olive Oil is dedicated to producing premium-quality Tunisian olive oil.

For more than 70 years the Lahmar family has taken great care in crafting 100% extra virgin olive oil made from 96,000 olive trees grown in their family’s orchard in the region of Mahdia, Tunisia. From traditional methods of harvesting by hand to bringing their product to market, a rich heritage of knowledge and expertise has been handed down from father to son. Well established in European and American markets, the family-owned label has established itself as a leader in organic olive oil production on the international market.

On a local level, Lahmar Olive Oil has removed the need for an intermediary by bottling their olive oil at their Gatineau plant in the Outaouais region of Québec since 2017. A team of experts ensures the quality and purity of Lahmar olive oils by testing them at an on-site lab before they are bottled, guaranteeing a superior quality in accordance with the highest standards.

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