bread (sourdough): rice-sunflower

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Supplier: Little Stream Bakery
Origin: Local
Measure Unit: 750 gr

Our original organic whole wheat sourdough, with steam cooked organic rice. Rolled in sunflower seeds when panning loaves, for nutty crunch.

• From locally grown whole wheat, fresh stone ground. Fresh ground flour is not only more flavourful but also more nutritious as the natural oils in the grain can begin to oxidize within a few days of milling and the B vitamins start to break down. Our natural granite stone mills never heats the flour above 42°C (at 46°C the germ of the grain begins to oxidize). Although we sift out the coarsest bran, our fine milling process retains all of the germ in the whole kernel and most of the bran.

• 18-20 hour sourdough fermentation for lower glycemic index and increased digestibility

• We allow no bakers yeast in our bakery

• No added sugars

• Baked in a wood-fired oven

Ingredients: *Whole wheat flour, Water, *Brown rice, *Sunflower seeds, *Wheat sourdough culture, Sea salt. (may contain traces of *sesame seed)

* Organic

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